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Re: Always substitutions ...

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Frederic Le Mouel wrote:

> I always have problems with substitution in combining navbar
> and lang :
> 	<navbar:button id   = Truc
> 		       img  = <lang:star: Icons-*>-*.gif
> 		       txt  = "<lang:en: English><lang:fr: Francais>"
> 		       hint = "<lang:en: English><lang:fr: Francais>"
> 		       url  = <lang:star: ./Welcome.html.*>>
> Does I miss something ?

No, you're right. The colon is the separator for languages and images,
and can not be mixed.
Fortunately, images and languages selections do not happen during the
same pass. If you want, you can try this funnny trick:
     img  = m4_replace(<subst-in-string <lang:star: Icons-*> ":" ";">-*.gif)
after having defined


The empty line is to fix a bug of wml-1.6.8 (already fixed in wml-SNAP)
The subst-in-string is for replacing colons by semi-colons during the
pass2. Then the pass3 performs the navigation tasks, and pass4 put the
colons back ;o)
You may also use pass6 to this final substitution.


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