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Re: Substitution of asteriks

Tobias Oetiker <oetiker@ee.ethz.ch> writes:
> *> Is-it possible to combine two substitution of asteriks ?
> sure, but the syntax must be
> <navbar:button img = <lang:star: Icons-*>-*.gif>

This way you will get something like 
<img src="[LANG_EN: Icons-en-n.gif][LANG_DE: Icons-de-n.gif]">
and since the slice-pass comes after the html fixup pass in wml 1.6.8
(IIRC Denis made some remarks about moving the fixup to the end of the
pipline, where it belongs, what happend to this in SNAP?) this will
not give you height and width attributes for your images.

The other way at least for your problem is my solution which I
mentioned last week, which usese the hashmark (#) for the lang
<navbar:button img=Icons-#-*.gif>
and produces:
[LANG_EN: <img src=Icons-en-n.gif>][LANG_DE: ...]
which will be properly handeled by the fixup pass (and it saves you
some keystrokes, too :-)).

See http://www.hars.de/www/wml_nav_lang.en.html

Yours, Florian.

PS: I should try to implement something like Tobias' nice trick to
    automatically produce the images for the buttons using ImageMagick
    or maybe Gimp, but the version of Gimp (1.1.2) I have recommends
    updating perl, and, of course, my Gimp should be replaced by
    version 1.1.3.
    Update mania, again.
    And I don't use images on my buttons, so you should probably go
    with his version if you depend on this feature.
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