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Re: <info> question

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Davor Cengija wrote:

>        i'm working locally on my kanta.smece.hr linux machine, login
>        'davor'. since kanta.smece.hr is not legal name, the address
>        davor@kanta.smece.hr doesn't exist in the real world.
>        my real e-mail address is dcengija@public.srce.hr so i putted
>        this in my ~/.wmlrc in order to get that address appearing in
>        <info>, like this:
> -D WML_GEN_REALNAME="Davor Cengija"
> -D WML_GEN_USERNAME=dcengija
> -D WML_GEN_HOSTNAME=public.srce.hr

Hi Davor,

try this:
-D WML_SRC_REALNAME="Davor Cengija"

and write <info domainname="public.srce.hr">.

This is because all WML_GEN_* variables are ``generated'' while the
WML_SRC_* ones are given by the source files. If the latter are not
defined, the former ones are used. The WML_SRC_HOSTNAME doesn't exist,
so you have to specify your domain name with the domainname attribute.


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