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Re: Automatic button generation (Was: Substitution of asteriks)

I wrote on the topic of automatic buton generation:
> If I find some more time to test (and document :-)) it, I will release
> the code later this week.

I put it up yesterday, there are some slight changes to the syntax I
mentioned in the last post, you may find it under

I didn't give it very thorough checks, and I had some really weird
problems using perlmagick (the effect of pen=>"#00ddff" in an Annotate
statement depended on the size of the image and the name of the
font...  But the version of perlmagick distributed with Debian 2.0
seems to be very old, so this may be irrelevant to people using
Perlmagick 4.2).  I'd welcome any feedback.

Yours, Florian.
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