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Re: problem undrstanding cotainers

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Krishna Motukuri wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have defined multiple containers in my code which have the same set
> of attributes. My requirements are such that I have to include one
> container in another and pass the attributes of the top-level container
> to the nested container. The problem is that the values of the
> attributes seem to be lost when they get to the second container.

You're right, it's because a variable is cleared when it is preserved.
Don't know why (Ralf, any idea?)

To fix this, redefine the ``preserve'' tag:
<defsubst preserve __variable whitespace=delete>
<set-var __index=<array:size __vars>>
<if <var-exists <get-var-once __variable>>
    <set-var __vars[<get-var __index>]="<get-var-once <get-var-once __variable>>">
    <set-var __vars[<get-var __index>]="-">


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