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Re: wmk and shebang line

On 30 Mar 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

>You either use the patch program to apply the patch or you do what you
>described (the other lines are just there to uniquely identify the
>lines by providing the context).

Okay! I tried again and found perhaps a bug in the code: 

    if (not $opt_f) {
         my @outfiles = ();
         my $s = $opts;
-        $s =~ s|-o\s*["']?(?:[^:]+:(?!:))?([^\s@]+)|push(@outfiles, $1),
+        $s =~ s|-o\s*["']?(?:[^:]+:(?!:))?([^\s@'"]+)|push(@outfiles, $1),
         $skipable = &skipable($file, @outfiles);
     else {  

This string causes an error message:

In string, @' now must be written as \@' at /opt/bin/wmk line 482, \ 
near "-o\s*["']?(?:[^:]+:(?!:))?([^\s@'" 

I read this message today better than yesterday and inserted the \ at the
point and it works.

The line now:
$s =~ s|-o\s*["']?(?:[^:]+:(?!:))?([^\s\@'"]+)|push(@outfiles, $1), ''|sge;
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