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any chance to se PHP incorporated in wml?

       greetings everyone.

       is it there any chance to use PHP language in wml? i see ePerl
       is incorporated into wml (pass 3), but my Perl knowledge is
       poor, so i'm looking for a way to use PHP code.

       can i somehow call /usr/local/bin/php (maybe even from ePerl)
       to parse my code?

       <?php .. ?> tag will be very useful in the future, maybe just
       as an option while compiling and it could use already
       installed and compiled php cgi module.

       the key benefit would be the possibility to create static
       pages with the content taken from some database (php is very
       powerful there).

       regards, Davor
Davor Cengija
Doktore, malo sam neodlučan... a možda i nisam...

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