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Re: any chance to se PHP incorporated in wml?

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Davor Cengija wrote:

>        greetings everyone.
>        is it there any chance to use PHP language in wml? i see ePerl
>        is incorporated into wml (pass 3), but my Perl knowledge is
>        poor, so i'm looking for a way to use PHP code.

Well, how you implement this largely depends on which pass you'd like php3
to be. We'll assume that somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 is good, since
you mention ePerl.

That really means we can use passes 1, 2, and 3 to implement this. The
include file stuff doesn't help here, nor does meta-html (maybe it does
but I'm not very imaginative tonight). So let's see what we can do in

I have no idea how the php3 interpreter is used/invoked/whatever, but
let's assume I can just feed it code on the stdin and get results on the
stdout. *shrug*

<!-- some perl code off the top of my head, it probably sucks -->
open PHP, "|/usr/local/bin/php > /home/me/tmp/php-tmp$$"; # watch for races!
print PHP <<END_OF_PHP;
php3 code goes here
close PHP;
open PHP, "</home/me/tmp/php-tmp$$";
print <PHP>;
close PHP;

And now that I think about it, you could use meta html to make your <?php
?> tag, I think, basically making it replace the <?php with the first part
and the ?> with the last part. Then you wouldn't have to clutter up each
file with any special syntax, just the appropriate #use to import the
right definitions.

This would in effect make php3 processing happen during/after "pass 3"
depending on your perspective.

Something much cleaner to encapsulate the interaction with php3 could be come
up with I'm sure, but I'm such a lame perl hacker. =)


>        can i somehow call /usr/local/bin/php (maybe even from ePerl)
>        to parse my code?
>        <?php .. ?> tag will be very useful in the future, maybe just
>        as an option while compiling and it could use already
>        installed and compiled php cgi module.
>        the key benefit would be the possibility to create static
>        pages with the content taken from some database (php is very
>        powerful there).
>        regards, Davor

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