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Re: any chance to se PHP incorporated in wml?

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Jim Hebert wrote:

>On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Davor Cengija wrote:
>>        yes, it works. thanks and appologies for such a newbie question.
>>        the only problem is that i have to run wml twice since i need
>>        an additional pass 3 in some cases, but simple makefile will
>>        fix that. thanks again.
>I didn't think it was newbie at all! =)

       heh... thanks.

>Can you explain in what situation you would need to pass 3's?

       i have to code a really big table (67 models of fiat, lancia
       and alfa with all of the technical details about every single
       model). i just tought i could make few arrays, like


       $speed = "150 167 187 212..........";
       $speed_array = explode(" ", $speed);


       and so on.

       then i coded <xtable> tag with a few 'for' loops in order to
       easily create whichever <table> i need. of course i could do
       it in perl, but i don't speak perl :-).

       after wmk i have :

    my $options = qq|border="1"|;
    my $tmpfile = "/tmp/wml.wwwtable.$$.tmp";
    local (*FP);
    open(FP, ">$tmpfile");
    print FP "\<\wwwtable $options>\n";
    print FP <<'__XTABLE__EOT'
(1, 1)
(1, 2)
(1, 3)
(1, 4)
       etc etc

       which requires another pass 3. i read xtable docs and it is
       obvious why i need 2 passes no. 3.

       i tried few wml files with no PHP and wmk made just the right

>Also, you do know that, at very worst, you could ran pass 3 twice by using
>the wml flags to just select pass 3...

       yes, i know. thanks.
Davor Cengija
"The Remorse Of The Sugar Junkie"

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