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I like this navbar

Hi everyone,

take a look at <URL:http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/test/gimp> ;o)
All the features i had in mind are implemented, so tell me if you want

* UP/PREV/NEXT buttons
* sub-menus are open and closed depending on the context
* buttons can be grouped to behave as if all were selected

Florian, i am not sure whether i will implement your i18n improvements.
In fact, one can write
<define-tag lang:wildcard>
<protect pass=3><lang:star: *></protect>
and then

You have to apply the patch below to wml to fix a bug about protection,
I thought it was fixed, but i was obviously wrong :-(

And i don't understand what your ``imgstyle'' attribute is for. Do you
have an example?
Concerning the ``nohints'' attribute, it's a good idea. We can either
add this attribute to all tags writing urls, either use a global variable
(e.g WML_JS_WRITE) and test it to determine if we want to write inline
JavaScript and/or JavaScript code (for rollover...), or improve
wml_p8_htmlstrip to suppress JavaScript code. I prefer the latter, any


--- wml.src     1999/01/13 08:32:55     1.3
+++ wml.src     1999/04/07 19:53:30
@@ -614,7 +614,6 @@
         if ($pass >= $s->{PE}) {
-            $PROTECT_STORAGE{$key} = undef if $pass < 9;
         else {
@@ -622,6 +622,9 @@
+    foreach $key (%PROTECT_STORAGE) {
+        $PROTECT_STORAGE{$key} = undef if $pass < 9;
+    }

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