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Re: I like this navbar

Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> writes:
> I think you should not mix button definition and image generation. 
> It's easier to debug and maintain.

I'm not sure about both things.

The definition of the apperance of the button can be viewed as part of
its definition (we are talking about someting derived from a wml::des
package, so html purism is not really adequate here), and if you do,
it appears unnatural to separate the two. The actual image generation
is done during rendering, not during the definition.

And I think it is easier to debug and maintain this way. There are
exactly 6 (in words: six) statements in navbar-FH.wml related to image
genaration (a protect/restore pair, one each to put the information
into the $CFG hash and read it out again, and two conditional calls of
the appropriate function).
If I remove them I have to reimplement all the <lang:star: *> and
imgstar image name and text splitting things in every template file
(or does <gfont notag><de: Deutsch><en: English></gfont> do what you
want?), this seems rather clumsy and error prone in comparision to my
current solution.

But I am not dogmatic about this, in fact I do not even use images for
my buttons right now :-).

Yours, Florian.

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