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[BUG REPORT] WML 1.6.8, Debian Linux 2.0 (kernel=2.2.5)


Package: WML 1.6.8
Operating System: Debian Linux 2.0 (kernel=2.2.5)

Problem Description:
| When i first tried to install wml1.6.8, it configured,
| compiled fine. However, the test failed on both of them
| 50%. However, i wasn't smart enough to keep a copy
| of the result from the tests. :( 
| However, my point is that I then tried upgrading my
| version of perl from the default debian 2.0 version 
| (which i'm 99% sure is 5.4, but i'm not sure which
| patch level). I installed Perl v5.005_02, and then
| when i compiled and tested wml 1.6.8 it 
| worked/compiled/tested fine. It even works with some
| of my basic wml code. 
| I dont know if you want to post this somewhere, add
| it to the docs, or what... but. here is the info.
| Enjoy!
| Thanks!
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