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Re: BUGREPORT: Umlaute in gfont

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:

> in template.wml:
> <define-tag kapitelname> 
> <gfont face=CMRoman size=2 color=#000000>%0</gfont> 
> </define-tag>
> in the text-file inside a lang-environment <de>:
> <kapitelname "HEADLINE">
> When I use no Umlaut, everything works fine.
> When I use a o-Umlaut it works,
> but with a- and u-Umlaut the PASS 3 fails as mentioned.

>From the gfont manpage, i read


  Currently gFONT directly used the ASCII charset to access the
  characterpositions in the font. The correct way would be to use the
  corresponding character encoding from TeX. The result is that umlauts
  and other characters cannot be used.

I have put on
a patch i wrote for writing 8-bit characters with gFont.

You will need the T1 encoded fonts (known as EC fonts).
Either replace in the Fontmap file the CM fonts by the EC ones
CMRoman-T       mf:cmr8-0.0           ---> mf:ecrm0800-0.0
CMRoman-F       mf:cmr10-0.0          ---> mf:ecrm1000-0.0
usw, or specify the EC fonts on the command-line


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