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Re: I like this navbar

On Mon, Apr 12, 1999, Denis Barbier wrote:

> On 9 Apr 1999, Florian Hars wrote:
> [...]
> > The definition of the apperance of the button can be viewed as part of
> > its definition (we are talking about someting derived from a wml::des
> > package, so html purism is not really adequate here), and if you do,
> > it appears unnatural to separate the two. The actual image generation
> > is done during rendering, not during the definition.
> The <navbar:define> tag defines the grammar, it has nothing to do
> with rendering or appearance. It's why i think you should remove the
> ``nohints'' attribute from this tag too. 

Yes, the whole navbar stuff I've invented with the goal that mostly no
appearance stuff is hard-coded. That's why the stuff is such flexible.

> You may object that the
> ``txtcol_normal'' and ``txtcol_select'' attributes are also about
> rendering. I agree and think they should go to <navbar:render> (looks
> like we think too muck ;-))

Yes, txtcol_xxx were kludges for which I couldn't find a better
solution in the past.
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