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newbie: skeletons for slides?


we organized some conferences over here, and the persons who held those
conferences came along with nifty laptops, projecting slides made with wml...

now i use latex & latex2html to produce at the moment my slides, but lack
something where i really can mix the slides with my text and issue either one
or the other, whilst keeping all together in one document.....

And BTW whilst latex2html is nice for converting longer documentations to HTML,
it is not fancy enough for eye-hitting slides.... (AFAIK...)

Now i installed wml on my machine (using debian, so it resumed installing a
package..) read the wml_intro and wml_tutorial, looked at the website, and
missed especially on the website a user-section for code sharing...

I searched the mailing list archive for slides, but found nothing, so is there
somebody out there that is willing to publish a skeleton for making

Ideally i would need a thing of this sort:

Make a document where i may specify some background image, a location for the
navigation bar (below, on the right/left etc.), and where headlines (extracted
as <Hx> or <UL> depending on indentation), images and tables are extracted for
the HTML document, where on each page a navigation bar is included, and the
rest translated where needed to latex for the complete memo?

The text would be in any-case already in latex, so text should be ignored in
the first case and passed as is in the second?
And maybe (i can dream, can i? ;) beeing able to specify images in either ps or
gif/jpg (in which case they should be ignored by latex, since i do not now how
to process them in latex...)

already done? too difficult? wrong tool? where should i start?

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