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Re: a suggestion: <css> </css> tag

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Davor Cengija wrote:

>        hello.
>        well, just a small suggestion: i think <css>..</css> tag
>        should be included in the next version of wml, just like
>        <javascript>.

Hi Davor,

it's a nice idea, but it can't be implemented. The suppression of
lines beginning with a hash sign occurs during the first pass. So those
lines must be protected against pass1.
Solution 1 : surround the lines with <protect></protect>. In this case,
   it has no sense to define a <css> tag.
Solution 2 : put the CSS stuff in a separate file and include this file
   verbatim during the first pass.
Solution 3 : put the CSS stuff in a separate file which will be included
   after the first pass.

I believe all these solutions are wrong. An example of a template file
using CSS in the doc is my preferred one.


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