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Re: newbie: skeletons for slides?

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Bruno Boettcher wrote:

> I searched the mailing list archive for slides, but found nothing, so is there
> somebody out there that is willing to publish a skeleton for making
> speech-slides?

I think it's too hard. With LaTeX you have control on the page layout.
When writing HTML files (with WML or anything else) you don't know how
it will be render. Did you try pdflatex ? It's in the teTeX0.9 beta
release ftp://ftp.rrzn.uni-hannover.de/pub/local/misc/teTeX-beta

Here is what i did for LaTeX to HTML translations:
* Run latex2html
     latex2html -init_file l2h.rc -split 4 file.tex
  The l2h.rc contains options and local definitions.
* Translate those HTML files into wml.
  I wrote a very simple perl script which extracts the information i
  need: title, navbar and body. Then i write wml files with these
* Run wml


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