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slices - if defined, do not display

       hi there

       i'm working on a web page which consists of very large number
       of similar html documents (automobil catalog) and i'm doing it
       using slices, like this

       <img src="[SLICE1:car1:][SLICE2:car2:].gif">

       what i'm trying to do now is 'if SLICE is defined, DO NOT
       display what's between [SLICE: :], in any other case, display

       it's very near to the <navbar> functionality but i'm too deep
       in this toolbar so switching to <navbar> would just take me

       URL with the explanation (and an example if possible) would be
       good, too.

       thanks, Davor

       p.s. To Ralf: Tidy seems to be a very useful tool. it would be
       great using it with wml.

Davor Cengija
"Please allow 30 days for delivery"

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