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Re: patch for denis new navbar

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Denis Barbier wrote:

> About your epilog problem, you're right, thanks. Epilogs and footers
> were mixed in my brain and cause this mistake.

Oops, i should have go lunch before posting, my answer was silly.
Tobias, i tried to reproduce your problem without success, and i don't
see how your patch could solve your problem.
You could invoke ``wml -p1-3'' and see if epilog is present. If not,
it's a wml bug, and if it's present, suspect pass 8.

I have put a modified gimp test at
In gimp.tmpl, the ``docs'' submenu has been changed to
   <gimp-navbar:define gimp-name=docs level=1>
       <gimp:section sct="core_intro" subnavbar>
       <gimp:section sct="tutorials"  subnavbar>
    <navbar:epilog pos="next">Prolog</navbar:epilog>
    <navbar:prolog pos="next">Epilog</navbar:prolog>
    <navbar:button txt="dummy">    <gimp:section sct="plugins_examples">
       <gimp:section sct="user_faq">

As you can see when this menu is active, prolog and epilog are present.


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