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using WML for the first time!

Hello everybody. I'm new in this mailing list and in WML toolkit. I was
building a website - I write HTML since 1995, initially for fun and now I
can earn some cash while I'm student.

I was writing an HTML generation tool, when I heard about WML. My program
was only at the beginning, so I decided to abandon it to explore WML

Now I've read the tutorial and the documentation. I have to read everithing
another couple of times, but I'll be very happy if someone could help me
find the right solution for my problem. WML is a so "big" program that I'm
confused about the capabilities it can offer.

I have a default-document structure, wich I can say is:

GIF image
Index Actual text Language selection 

I have to write 6-7 pages in 5 different languages, but the structure of
the document is always the same. Only "Actual text" changes from page to
page and "Index" changes from language to language.

How can I use WML to write only the text I need and let it generate the rest???

Alessio Sangalli 

Montare un pc in macchina...


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