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how to apply patch-SNAP to wml-1.6.8?

After a long pause, i'm again interested in wml. I've downloaded
the stable version, compiled, everithing went ok.

Now, for the patch, should i run that shell script in the
directory created by wml...tar.gz after tar-gunzip? I suppose
yes. After or before configure? 

For short, is this procedure ok:

get clean source -> configure -> make -> make test -> make clean
-> run patch_script in the same directory as configure -> make
-> make install

I understand that the patch is intended only for developers, so
if you'll ignore my question i won't be mad ;-)

       <o-o>    Viorel ANGHEL <vang@altavista.net>
       -"-"-    It's great to be smart 'cause then you know stuff.
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