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I just joined this list and I just wanted to say Ralf and all co-authors
thank you for such a great tool. I'd rather do my html-stuff by hand than
using such cruel things like frontpage et alias if there was no wml
(without wanting to compare it with frontpage!!).
wml is the _REAL_ tool for hackers. To be honest, before I heard of this
tool(set) I wanted to write my own perl scripts to generate templates, so
wml saved me a lot of time.
I'm just exploring the numerous features of wml. If you want to have a
glance at my (SLOW!) pages, feel free to criticize them so I can gather
some experience. I'm planning to distribute the sources as well, if any1's 
interested at all, but I myself only learned it by examples as well.

cu & read u


Michael Kress / kress@hal.saar.de / coroner@irc
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