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Re: Bug in gfont?

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Rafael Cordones Marcos wrote:

>>From the wml::des:gfont man page I understand that I can define a 
>GFONT_BASE variable so I can place all generated images in a
>directory. The problem is that if you have two wml files and they both
>use the <big > tag then gfont images generated by the second file
>overwrite the first's. I am using WML 1.6.8

I had the same problem. I use <big> and gfont-created headlines
with slices, so that from one source a german file and an english
file are created. My poor-mans solution: I set no GFONT_BASE
variable and let all images live in the same dir as the

>This is because gfont.wml uses a global variable that gets initialized
>to 0 for every wml file. I solved this by adding 

>BUT... now I think that following invocations of wml on those files
>will create ALLWAYS new GIF files and leave the other file unusable. :(

Well, I fear that I do not understand this quite right. But if
there is a right solution, please post it! 


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