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It's time...

for a new release ;-)

I am planning it on early June. There are still some work in progress,
any help would be really appreciated. Here is my TODO list :

* Upgrade the current Perl modules 
* Test tidy <URL:http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/>
* Test the HTML::Clean Perl module
* Write tons of documentation ;-)

I decided to let intact the order of processing. Slices will remain the
last pass, it's too hazardous to change this. To fix the well-known
problem of images+slices+Pass7, the pass 3 could write
  [LANG_XX:<img src="foo.xx.gif" alt="xxxx">:]
  [LANG_YY:<img src="foo.yy.gif" alt="yyyy">:]
instead of
  <img src="foo.[LANG_XX:xx:][LANG_YY:yy:].gif"

Does somebody still implements this?

Please let me know now if you want other features included in the
next release.



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