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Bug in wmk?

Hi folks,

I use "wmk -a" to rebuild al the wml tree. I am using wml 1.6.8.

The problem is that wmk allways rebuilds and does not rebuild as needed
by comparing .wml date-time and the generated .html files.
It never gives me the (skipped) message I used to see before.

Anyway, I run wmk throu the debugger and it turns out that at line 482
of wmk:

$s =~ s|-o\s*["']?(?:[^:]+:(?!:))?([^\s@]+)|push(@outfiles, $1), ''|sge;

If you examine the variable @outfiles after executing it, it contains

    index.html' index.es.html' index.ca.html'

I think the apostrofes shouldn't be there because sobroutine skipable
allways return false. But my Perl knowledge has not reached the point
to understand this line. :(

Best regards,

Rafa C. Marcos
BCN Art Directe (Promotora d'Art)

   Info on Euroart'99 and Index·Art at: http://www.bcnartdirecte.com

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