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OT: Opensource-Meeting in Cologne


please pardon me this OT:

On the 13. June 1999 there will be a meeting in Köln

"Informationelle Monokultur und die Alternativen"
in the Heinrich-Boell-Gesamtschule.

This meeting shall inform teachers and pupils about the advantage
of opensource-software. This meeting shall also be a small protest
against the Microsoft-Deal of the Government of

I was asked, whether I will contribute with a short presentation
or anything.  And I said, that I could demonstrate the abilities
of WML, by showing my sites and a bilingual project which is yet

Not being a programmer I would appreciate, if someone of you,
perhaps living near Köln is willing to help me. Perhaps together
it will be more fun!

If you are interested, please let me know.

More informations about the meeting:


And pardon me again.

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