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Re: [RFC] Slices within slices

On Wed, May 12, 1999 at 07:17:31PM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:
> Here are my reflexions.
> The problem is: with those slices,
>       DE         EN               DE         EN
>     +-----+    +-----+          +-----+    +-----+
>             DE                          EN
>   +---------------------+     +---------------------+
> how to extract english and german text?
> 1) Slices with the same name couldn't be nested, it has been fixed.
> 2) When writing the german part, the german slice inside the english
>    text must be discarded. To do this, put an ``@'' after the slice
>    name (it's in the doc).
> 3) But... in this case the slices above will be equivalent to
>             DE                          EN
>   +---------------------+     +---------------------+
>    which is not what we want.

My problem is, I don't understand your graphics. I'm not really sure
what you're meaning.

So I can just express what I was expecting to happen.

I think
[LANG_DE: Text [LANG_DE:more:] [LANG_EN:text_en:] :]             
when processed with '(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_DE:-'

Should expand to "Text more" and drop text_en.

And when processing 
[LANG_EN: Text [LANG_DE:more:] [LANG_EN:text_en:] :]             
with the same options
to expand to "" (i.e. nothing)

That means, I expect the condition of nested slices to be logically
AND'ed - Only print the content if the condition of all nested slices
are met.

Hope I have clarified things,
  1. Never challenge a sysadmin to do anything you don't actually want
  him or her to do.
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