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Hi to everybody!

I am an amateur page creator. I am learning, when I have some free
time. And so far, I have learned a lot of tricks this last months.

To work I like to code by hand, using my favourite text editor (vi).
WYSIWYG does not suit for me. 

I also love all macro tools. After a few time using HTML, you notice
there is a lot of code you repeat time after time. So I first began
using abbreviations in my editor, then I began using macro

    * cpp (the C pre processor) good to include files but not for
    * M4 very good flexibility, but strange sintax and terrible do

So I looked for another program, and more into HTML creation than
this other programs. I found WML, and I decided to give a try.

The frist I liked about WML is it supports M4, so I can continue using
my already made macros. (There is a problem with quotes, but I have
to solve it somehow).

The second think I liked about WML is the documentation. Not only all
components of the program are documented and so are the include
files, but also there is a great `Tutorial' and `Introduction'. They
are very helpfull, when you try to figure out what the hell is WML.

So I understand now more or less the phylosophy of this program, and
now I will try to get into it and prepare my first tests with the

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