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Re: Bug report

On 18 May 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

> I have been thinking about the whole thing some more:
> With the -N flag to wmk and unfortunately wmk looses the
> "make-ability" to figure out if a file has to be re-created.

Hmmm, looks right, i hadn't noticed that :-(

> Ideally, the -o options that can currently be specified in the .wmlrc
> file should also be read from .wmkrc so that wmk can base its decision
> about recreating a file from this option.
> Should I try to implement this in wmk? I guess this could then
> "replace" the -N option. 

Please don't ask wmk to read .wmlrc files, the situation will become
really awful. I think we have to rethink what wmk is for and how to use
it (unfortunately i don't use it).

In the next release, the -o option (for wml) could be found
- on the command line
- in the #!wml shebang-line
- in any .wmlrc file
- in the %!slice shebang-line generated by passes 1-8

Wmk has been designed to help non-technical people, and we have to keep
it in mind, i.e. wmk should be really easy to use. I believe that
options of wmk should be reserved to experts only. Or hidden in a .wmkrc

Now, how to tell wmk about dependencies?
Idea: put in .wmkrc:
   -o %BASE.en.html -o %BASE.de.html usw...

> Question: where should the code to read .wmkrc be moved to?

I don't have time to look too close into wmk.src, so i don't know.
In fact, i _really_ don't have time this week, sorry.


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