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Re: y2k readiness of wml

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Oliver Daly wrote:

> Thanks Ralf, that's fine. I understand the situation with Open source products and don't
> expect a definitive statement,
> however if people do have any information regarding y2k issues, it is helpful.

Hi Oliver,

As Ralf stated, free softwares come without any warranty, including y2k
issues. But unlike commercial softwares, we won't ask any charge for

About specific WML issues:
- Yes, pieces of WML do use dates.
- Yes, WML might still have bugs (John Bazik reported one a couple of
  weeks ago).
- I just checked source code and found few places where problems could
- But don't panic, they affect only
    * the maintainer
    * those who use one of these variables on their web pages
- So i can't imagine how those bugs could break anything.
  If you don't use these variables to write ``Last modified on ...'',
  you can sleep on your two ears (French idiom ;-)
- WML is a collection of perl and C programs. Robustness of WML strongly
  depends on robustness of your architecture.
- And again if i am told of a bug, be sure i will try to fix it.
  For no charge ;-)


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