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Re: y2k readiness of wml

On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 04:09:02PM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:
> About specific WML issues:
> - Yes, pieces of WML do use dates.
> - Yes, WML might still have bugs (John Bazik reported one a couple of
>   weeks ago).
> - I just checked source code and found few places where problems could
>   occur.
> - But don't panic, they affect only
>     * the maintainer
>     * those who use one of these variables on their web pages
> - So i can't imagine how those bugs could break anything.
>   If you don't use these variables to write ``Last modified on ...'',
>   you can sleep on your two ears (French idiom ;-)
> - WML is a collection of perl and C programs. Robustness of WML strongly
>   depends on robustness of your architecture.

The dependency on perl is almost certainly the biggest issue (coupled
with the use of the WML_*TIME variables). For y2k info on perl, see
http://language.perl.com/news/y2k.html. As with anything written by
Larry (it doesn't have his name on it, but it's definitely his style),
it's entertaining as well as edifying.

> - And again if i am told of a bug, be sure i will try to fix it.
>   For no charge ;-)

Jay Treacy
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