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Re: trouble installing wml

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Denis Barbier wrote:

> > same to me - I upgraded a RedHat-5.2 box to RedHat-6.0; I didn't recompile
> > the package and I got exactly the same error as described by you.
> > 
> > mk@superhal ~/p/kn/v2 [2]$ rpm -q perl
> > perl-5.00503-2
> > mk@superhal ~/p/kn/v2 [0]$ rpm -q wml
> > wml-1.6.8-8
> Hi Michael,
> where did you find this wml-1.6.8-8 ?  The only one i find is wml-1.6.8-1.
> >From the source rpm, i have build another source rpm which includes the
> patch for perl 5.005. You can get it at
>    ftp://imacs.polytechnique.fr/pub/tmp/redhat/wml-1.6.8-2.src.rpm
> Rebuild it with
>    prompt$ rpm --rebuild wml-1.6.8-2.src.rpm
> This will create both binary and source rpms for your RH6.0.

Uhm, Sorry, I didn't find that version under /pub/tmp/redhat.
Where can I find a version that compiles under RedHat 6.0 with perl
5.005 ?

... where I got 1.6.8-8 ? To be honest: I don't know. ;-)
I'm 100% sure that I took the spec-file from the wml_contrib-directory
from the 1.6.8-tar-ball-distribution and that I didn't modify anything.
The one from the tarball is from 1.6.7 release 7. I must have changed it
to 1.6.8-8, but it had to be 1.6.8-1.

cu - Michael

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