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moving from m4


Before trying `WML' I was using `m4' for my web pages. `m4' is
usefull,  but it becomes very frustrating. Anyway, I had already
written plenty of complex macros (recursive and looping), and I
wanted to still use them.

Under `WML', `m4'  works with quotes disabled. I can only agree with
that choice (that was one of the reasons I gave up `m4'). The problem
is I have plenty of commas (,) inside my macros, so I have to quote

I thought about a `<m4>' tag to surround my macros, but somebody has
already included it before me. (Probably because that was a good

I just make it more handy:

<define-container m4>
{: [[s/&lquot;/`/]] [[s/&rquot;/'/]]

I added two entities for (`) and (') if I want to include them in a
macro. There already exist: &#96; and &acute; but with such a name
nobody will ever remember them.

Anyway, I think it should be easier try to migrate my macros to

><ose        xmanoel@bigfoot.com   (Vigo/Galicia/Espaņa)

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