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Re: [PATCH] -o flags in .wmkrc

On 26 May 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

> Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> writes:
> Great, I'll try to apply that to our current version.
> I agree, the -N option can go away with this.

I made some changes in wmk.src this morning, maybe you could get

> P.S.: One of the problems with wmk is that it "pretends" to be more
>       intelligent as it really is. It doesn't handle include files and
>       stuff like that. This might not be obvious to a user that
>       doesn't know much about WML. I am not sure that this can be
>       solved at all, as it would mean implementing make.
>       Perhaps a Makefile-Generator would be a solution?

It's a long term issue.
With wml-1.7.0, one could easily write Makefile fragments via the -M

After 1.7.0, i plan to implement a more sophisticated mechanism.
WMk could read and write those Makefile fragments, which contain


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