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m4 under WML


I upgraded my WML to the latest version (I hope):

 >This is WML Version 1.6.8 (12-01-1999)

Still, the problem with some m4 macros continues:




So it fails miserably. It was suposed to return nothing (that's the
use of `m4_dnl'.

The problem cames from the macro `m4_noquotes', defined inside

  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote(, )m4_dnl')m4_dnl\n";
  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote')m4_dnl\n";

This definitions makes:


   m4_changequote(, )m4_dnlm4_dnl

And m4 does not understand those `m4_dnlm4_dnl'.


      * Do not use any `m4_noquotes()m4_dnl'. `m4_noquotes' will do
      it fine.

      * Don't worry about blank lines. Html Strip will erase them.

      * Changue the `m4_noquotes' and `m4_quotes'. Just add
      parenthesis after `m4_dnl': 

  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote(, )m4_dnl')m4_dnl()\n";
  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote')m4_dnl()\n";

      This is the usual way in `m4' to separate two macros. It works
      pefect and means all macros will work with no problem.

The winner is:

   The last option. I think somebody can edit the code and add the
   changes to the next WML distribution. 

   Do I have to write a bug report, send a patch and all this?

   If you like I will do, but I think this is too simple.


   I will recommend to all coders, to do not use `m4_noquotes()m4_dnl'.
   It is useless, and it looks pretty awfull.  

><ose        xmanoel@bigfoot.com   (Vigo/Galicia/Espaņa)

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