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Re: moving from m4


Well, in the last message I gave a change in the code, and now I have
tested, and even if it works perfectly, it gives a warning. And this
is probably very annoying.

Well, there is still another option, and this should work in any

  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote(, )m4_dnl')m4_dnl`'\n";
  print TMP "m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote')m4_dnl`'\n";

Now we add `' to the end of each macro.  Normally it is meaningless.
m4 will ignore it because it takes out the quotes. But in case there
is another word beside it, it will help m4 to notice they are
different words.

   m4_changequote(, )m4_dnl`'m4_dnl

So the result is empty.

Hope this solution works perfectly and have not other drawback. Just
tell me..

><ose        xmanoel@bigfoot.com   (Vigo/Galicia/Espaņa)

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