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Re: m4 under WML

On Fri, 28 May 1999, Xose Manoel Ramos wrote:

> Hei!


> I upgraded my WML to the latest version (I hope):
>  >This is WML Version 1.6.8 (12-01-1999)

yes, it's the latest stable version.
But there is a development version updated every 6 hours available at

I already worked on this problem, see below.

> Still, the problem with some m4 macros continues:

I took a look in the ChangeLog file and i think there was no change
between 1.6.4 and 1.6.8 for the 4th pass.

>    Do I have to write a bug report, send a patch and all this?

In this case, a patch is fine.  I like patches generated by diff -u :-)

[and in another message]
>   print TMP "m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote(, )m4_dnl')m4_dnl`'\n";
>   print TMP "m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote')m4_dnl`'\n";
> Now we add `' to the end of each macro.  Normally it is meaningless.
> m4 will ignore it because it takes out the quotes. But in case there
> is another word beside it, it will help m4 to notice they are
> different words.

Here is what i did:
  m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote()')m4_dnl
  m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote`'')m4_dnl

The m4_dnl are removed from inside macros, i think it's the user's
choice to add m4_dnl or not.

These definitions moved from wml.src to bootgm4.src
You could have a look at


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