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WML version 1.7.0 

  I am glad to announce the new WML 1.7.0 release is available at

  Concise list of changes between 1.6.8 and 1.7.0:
    *) Enhance documentation (30-May-1999)
    *) Check epilog and prolog filters (27-May-1999)
    *) Improve WMk (26-May-1999)
    *) Clean Makefiles (21-May-1999)
    *) y2k fixes (20-May-1999)
    *) Variable definitions (14-May-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml and wmk (11-May-1999)
    *) Import HTML-Clean 0.7 (11-May-1999)
    *) Update Perl modules (11-May-1999)
    *) Import tidy15apr99 (11-May-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::des::imgbg (10-May-1999)
    *) Import slice-1.3.2 (10-May-1999)
    *) Add tests (9-May-1999)
    *) Fix wml_backend/p3_eperl/eperl_sys.c (7-May-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::des::navbar (7-May-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::std::lang (10-Apr-1999)
    *) Enhanced time dependancy checks for wmk (29-Mar-1999)
    *) Added wml_contrib/navbar-FH.wml (26-Mar-1999)
    *) Automatic dependancy generation (18-Mar-1999)
    *) Fixed cleanup (16-Mar-1999)
    *) Fixed wml_p9_slice (16-Mar-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::std::tags (16-Mar-1999)
    *) Changed bootstrapping (16-Mar-1999)
    *) Easier multi-lingual interface (16-Mar-1999)
    *) Fixed ipp (12-Mar-1999)
    *) Fixed wmd (21-Feb-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::std::toc (18-Feb-1999)
    *) Cleaned up wml_p2_mhc (16-Feb-1999)
    *) Upgrade of metahtml.txt (09-Feb-1999)
    *) Make wml_p2_mhc documentation automatic (08-Feb-1999)
    *) Added doc in wml_include/std/logo.src (03-Feb-1999)
    *) Fixed configuration (03-Feb-1999)
    *) Upgrade of mhc (19-Jan-1999)
    *) Renamed wml_docs/wml_tags.L.core (18-Jan-1999)
    *) Added doc in wml_include/des/typography.src (18-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed a bug with perl threads (18-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed the Meta-HTML Autoconfiguration (17-Jan-1999)

  A more detailed list can be found at

  I would like to thank all contributors for their help.


Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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