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bug in 1.7.0?

Here's a trivial .wml file:

	#use wml::des::space
	<space width=3 height=3>

Here's what I get under 1.6.8 (on a linux box):

	<img src="test.imgdot-1x1-transp.gif" alt="" width="3" height="3"
	align="bottom" border="0">

Here's what I get under 1.7.0 (on a sun):

	<img src="test.imgdot-1x1-transp.gif" alt="" width="1" height="1"
	align="bottom" border="0">

Can anyone else reproduce this?

I spent some time trying to track this down.  The "3" seems to get
lost in pass 2 - the perl code in imgdot never sees it.

I tried this:

	#use wml::std::tags

	<define-tag mytag2>
	<preserve width>
	<set-var %attributes>
	in mytag2, width is <get-var width>
	<restore width>

	<define-tag mytag>
	<preserve width>
	<set-var %attributes>
	in mytag, width is <get-var width>
	<mytag2 width=<get-var width>>
	<restore width>

	<mytag width=3>

Strangely, the results are the same under both 1.6.8 and 1.7.0:

	in mytag, width is 3
	in mytag2, width is

Again, does anyone else see this?  This is not right, is it?

John Bazik
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