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Re: bug in 1.7.0?

> One trivial workaround is to replace the definition of the <space> tag
> in wml::des::space by
> <define-tag space>
> <imgdot %attributes>
> </define-tag>

That helps.  Thanks.

> Again, this is the normal behavior, and calls like
>    <imgdot width=<get-var width>>
> are hazardous.

Hazardous, perhaps, but very convenient.  I calculate the dimensions
of various parts of the page using the mhtml arithmetic operators,
so <get-var width> isn't just a constant I can replace.

I suppose I could assign the result of my calculations to an m4

	<symbol WIDTH <get-var width>>

...and then use WIDTH, but that seems awkward, no?


Thanks for the explanation.

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