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Re: wmk 1.7.1 slower than wmk 1.6.8?

On Sat, 5 Jun 1999, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:

> Hello Denis,
> is this a right impression? 
> I led wmk go through a whole directory with up-to-date HTML-Files,
> so it must skip all files. But this goes a big bit slower than
> with 1.6.8.

Hi Jan Ulrich
[i added your site to the list of WML generated stes as requested]

The only difference is that the .wmkrc files are read when typing 
   wmk file
With wmk-1.6.8 these files were read only with ``wmk dir''.

So if oyu have a Makefile containing something like
%.html: %.wml
	wmk -f $<

then wmk-1.7.1 will be slower. Otherwise i believe there is no significant
difference. OTOH wml-1.7.1 is a little bit slower than wml-1.6.8.


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