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Re: BUG REPORT: Website META Language 1.7.1 (05-06-1999)

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Norbert Crettol wrote:

>Neither joe does not add a new line at the end of the last line. I had
>problems with configuration files (virtusertables, aliases or so...).

       (i know this is now a wml issue but...)

       removing the ' ' (space character) from the beginning of the

 -force         Force final newline when files are saved
^--- here it is

       in your .joerc (or global joerc) will force joe to make that
       last new line.

       re. before reporteg bug: yes, i have experienced it with wml
       1.6.8 with <dump> somewhere in the middle of the file while
       dumping some <xtable>'s but i was in a hurry and i was happy
       when it finally worked (after adding few blank lines). i'll
       investigate the problem, and eventually report it as a bug.

       btw, v1.7.1 working just fine with all of my wml files.
Davor Cengija
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