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Re: Forcing dependencies on wmk

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, James A. Treacy wrote:

> I thought this would be a problem. It is simple to get a list if each
> dependency line is restricted to files in a single dir and everything
> after the last slash is a valid reg exp. This would cover the most common
> case. Generalizing it would be a pain (what algorithm does 'ls' use?).

Hi Jay,

a first attempt has been made, available in wml-SNAP (not documented).
o Add the ``depend'' attribute after the #use or #include directive.
  This file won't be included, but wmk will be told about this
o You can use filename patterns, i.e. ? is any single chararacter
  and * matches any string. Brackets are not yet implemented.

For instance, if you have datas under datas/01, datas/02,... add
  #include 'datas/0?/*.dat' depend

I believe i will replace this syntax by the one you suggest:
  #depends 'datas/0?/*.dat'
Indeed, my first opinion was i had to take care of files inserted via
#use or #include. But i can't see why a ``#use file depend'' is needed.

A final word on how files are searched by wml_p1_ipp, i am not sure
whether documentation is clear enough.
1- The 2 following lines are equivalent
           #use a::b::c
           #include <b/c.a>
2- #include <file>
   The file is searched in the system tree, then in the user templates
   then in the working directory.
3- #include "file"
   The file is searched in the user templates then in the working
4- #include 'file'
   The file is searched the working directory only.

Only the first file is read. But if you write
   #include <*/*.wml> depend
then all files */*.wml will be marked in the system tree, user
templates and working directory.


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