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help, completely lost....


i have the following problem, i am making a README file for one of my
and needed an easy way to transform this into html....

i reminded my the wml has this sort of preformatted text mode, but it does not 
seem to work....

could somebody perhaps look at what i have done and tell how to get it work?
the text is at http://yoda.u-strasbg.fr/README ....

the only result i get is the following:

the text somehow completely disappeared....

BTW is there somewhere any example on how to make a navigation bar for slides?
The documentation is quite hard to read, and the tutorial has lots of
but not the things that i want to do....

please make a CC to me, its long since i received something from the list, so
i am unsure if i am still on it....

ciao bboett
the total amount of intelligence on earth is constant.
human population is growing....
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