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Re: help, completely lost....

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Bruno Boettcher wrote:

> still on my readme.... 
> got the includ working, its really nice thought: i have hte regular README
> file which is 100% ASCII, and a wrapper with wml constructs, that includes
> this file and permits to generate html, really nice, and it spares me to write
> a perl script to do the same....
> now besides the missing first headline, i noticed another problem with the
> url's.... in case you couldn't retrieve the file from
> http://yoda.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett/README i put the relevant sections here:
> #use wml::fmt::isolatin
> #use wml::fmt::url
> <isolatin><url>
> <HTML>
> <text>

First, remove the isolatin and url tags, they  are useless.
Take care of nestings, you should write
  <title>your title</title>
... your text here

For your headings, the ==...== line must have exactly the same length
as the header it underlines. So write
  JTRADER, implementing Manager - Factory pattern

Otherwise, it is a line of separation, not a heading.


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