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Re: <preserve notypo> causing problems???

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Bruno Boettcher wrote:

> found a thing that perturbed my browser:
> just after the body tag there's a <preserve notypo> and just beofre the end
> tag:
> <restore notypo> and that's causing the occultation of the first header (but
> there's still a problem, it is not in strong....)
> so what are these tags? and should they be there?

Those tags are used to preserve/restore variables during pass 2.
When you define your own macros using those tags, you must include

There is one include file in which this invocation is missing, and of
course it's the wml::fmt::text. Bad luck.
To fix your version of WML, edit the file
..../lib/wml/include/fmt/text.wml and add
  #use wml:;std::tags
at the beginning


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