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need help again.... for multilingual support

sorry to be too stupid.... but i am stuck again....

this time, i thought that it would be nice to harmonise my official web-page
between the languages (was the primary goal why i installed wml...)

followed the tutorial, and issued crap.... (could be seen at

read the man, identifiyed some discrepancy between man and tutorial, changed
to the syntax explained in the man....

BTW a general remark for the tutorial, at least for sub-intellignece people
like me in most cases the command line launching the wml process could be
really important to know....


the wml source is at http://erm1.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett/test/index.wml,

when i launch wml index.wml it issued a big file with the language slices
mostly removed (it seems to have a problem with the italian tag...) but the
whole text in one issued on the stdout....

trying to execute the file (ehm mybe i am not understanding the things
correctly, but the first line seems to make the thing executable...) produces
only a syntax error ./index.wml 
./index.wml: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `(ALL-LANG_*)'
./index.wml: line 2: `               -o (ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_DE:index.html.de \'

so i thought to having layd out the thing as described in the man, and i have
not the faintest idea on whats going wrong again.... so if maybe some of you
could help me out there again...

ciao bboett
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