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Re: need help again.... for multilingual support

first of all thanks a lot, i now have something that seems to work ;D

> - You could remove all the SSI stuff (except for current date/time, but
>   is it really necessary?) and replace with adequate WML macros.
ehm you mean  the includes? but if i do that i will have a lot of code
duplication wouldn't i? Is this better style?? or do i once more have
misunderstood something?

> - Suppress the <lang:area></lang:area> tags
didn't understood for what they stood anyway... so i will not miss them ;)

> - When writing <en: ...> there _must_ be a space after the colon
should be in the man shouldn't it?

> - The <en> is a container tag, end tag is required.
?? reading the man, i got the impression that this wasn't necessary if a tag
for another language followed.... should be sayd explicitely too

> - Use relative links whenever possible
i already do that, unfortunately (but perhaps my organisation lacks rigor) my
pages are scattered across several servers....

ciao bboett
the total amount of intelligence on earth is constant.
human population is growing....
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