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Re: need help again.... for multilingual support

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Bruno Boettcher wrote:

> first of all thanks a lot, i now have something that seems to work ;D
> > - You could remove all the SSI stuff (except for current date/time, but
> >   is it really necessary?) and replace with adequate WML macros.
> ehm you mean  the includes? but if i do that i will have a lot of code
> duplication wouldn't i? Is this better style?? or do i once more have
> misunderstood something?

Well, remember, SSI still assembles the documents in the server -- it's
not like the client does the work. I guess the trade is simply with SSI
you store the peices and assemble them at request-time which means you
use a bit less disk space at the cost of some cpu time whereas with wml
you "pre-calculate" all those assemblies and just store static pages to
dumbly serve up. A bit more disk space used but now you can serve it off
of anywhere and not need SSI or the cpu time spent on it (which I admit,
is minor).

You'll only have code duplication in the end-product. The idea is you'd
still retain the elegance of having it in one spot while working on it,
the code that is currently SSI-included would be one of your wml source
files and you'd include it all over with wml's include directives.


"[T]hey said something to the effect that Linux has 'the tendency not to 
crash.' ... It's like me listing 'the tendency not to murder people' as one of
my good character traits. :-> It seems that people have grown so accustomed to
buggy OS's that when Linux simply does what it's supposed to do, it comes 
across as something new and different." Scott Webster on linux-biz 20 Feb 1999

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