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Re: Spaces in filnames

Le 24/06/1999, Florian Hars a crit:

FH>  I tried to process a file named 'This Fle ha  vry $trge nae.wml',
FH>  and wml 1.7.1 failed miserably, I had to use
FH>  $ wml -o th.html 'This Fle ha  vry $trge nae.wml'
FH>  $ mv th.html 'This Fle ha  vry $trge nae.html'
FH>  (The result is on http://www.hars.de/.../)
FH>  This is a bit annoying, since it breaks wmk -af.

>From the HTML-4.0 specifications:
  B.2.1 Non-ASCII characters in URI attribute values
   Although URIs do not contain non-ASCII values (see [URI], section 2.1)
   authors sometimes specify them in attribute values expecting URIs
   (i.e., defined with %URI; in the DTD). For instance, the following
   href value is illegal:
      <A href="http://foo.org/Hkon">...</A>

And i strongly believe spaces in URI are forbidden too. IIRC Netscape
will skip everything after the space character.
So please use standanrd filenames ;-)


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